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5 Senses is our new project funded through Erasmus+.

It involves 4 schools –

Rowan Gate Primary School

Kelme SEN school, Lithuania

Emillius SEN school, Netherlands, Son en Breugel – 4 – 20 years old

SEN school and kindergarden, Poland, Rybnik, 3 – 25 years old

Project “5 senses” is about “seeing”, “hearing”, “touching”, “tasting” and “smelling”.

During this project we will share good practice of the participants and learn from each other.

How can the playground be used as ‘outdoor classroom’? How can outdoor learning boost

pupil well being, reduce stress and help children cope with anxiety and frustration? How do sensory

resources help children with SEN and Disabilities? How do different kind of senses encourage SEN

pupils individual development and what are the most efficient types of sensory education?

The project “5 senses for SEN” will help partners’ get deeper acquainted with different types of

sensory education and to break down the most common sensory barriers that SEN pupils can


In 26th – 30th November we had visitors from our partner schools.

Our partner schools had an opportunity to observe various activities we do at school to stimulate children’s senses, e.g. Drama session, Sherbourne exercises, Sunshine circle, Kinetic exercises, cooking session, Interaction session.

Our partners could see that we are trying to include Sensory Play in any activity that will stimulate any one or all of a child’s five senses. All children need help learning how to use their senses. Sensory Play forms an essential part of their learning.

During the 5 days training sessions and workshops we got acquainted with:

– sensory approach aspects;

– how to create an outdoor space that will stimulate learning and the senses;

– what to include in the sensory garden;

– what kind of activities we can organize there;

– exchange of good practice.

We also had an opportunity to visit other SEN schools and gain some ideas and experiences from there.

5 Senses – Trip to Lithuania

Staff and children visited Lithuania between 2nd – 8th June 2019 as part of the 5 Senses project.

 Trip to Poland 18th – 22nd November 2019.

Staff and children had a fabulous trip to Poland

Trip to the Netherlands – 25-29 March 2019

Staff and pupils visited Emiliusschool in the Netherlands as part of 5 Senses.

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