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The NSCP would like to acknowledge the unprecedented conditions we are all working in to support children, young people and families during this pandemic. We would like to thank you for all your hard work and ask for you to be even more vigilant on the emerging needs and support of families at this time. We particularly want you to think about, and become sensitive to, the hidden harm and changing safeguarding landscape we are all now working with. We have seen a decrease in the number of referrals to the MASH and with that in mind we are asking every professional working with children to be vigilant, be curious and be proactive in trying to identify hidden harm.Hidden Harm and Safeguarding ChildrenWe know that some children are more vulnerable than ever during the Covid-19 crisis, both because they are not receiving the same level of contact with professionals and because for some the impact of lockdown with their family will increase risk factors for them.

So we need every professional in the county and every relevant agency for the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership to be proactive and share responsibility for doing everything possible to identify risk and harm that may currently be hidden and to support our most vulnerable children and young people.

Social distancing, self-isolating and lockdown can cause stress and changes in everyone’s behaviour. Families are under new pressures and children may appear more withdrawn, anxious or depressed. Spotting the signs of abuse might be more difficult and it can be difficult to know for certain if something is wrong.

Some of the signs you may spot include:

  • aggressive or repeated shouting
  • children exposed to witnessing domestic abuse
  • hearing hitting or things being broken
  • children crying for long periods of time
  • very young children left alone or are outdoors by themselves
  • children looking dirty or not changing their clothes
  • children being withdrawn or anxious
  • unexplained injuries

These signs do not necessarily mean that a child is being abused, there could be other things happening in their life which are affecting their behaviour, however, it is important that professionals remain alert and show professional curiosity when something does not feel right, and are persistent both in establishing contact and following up on any concerns. Professionals may also notice some concerning behaviour from adults who have children in their care, which makes them concerned for the child/children’s safety and wellbeing.

If you remain concerned about a child once you have considered what support you could offer to meet the child’s needs, you could report a safeguarding concern by calling 0300 126 1000 and speaking to the multi-agency safeguarding team (MASH). If you believe that a child is in immediate danger please call 999.

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