Sponsored Come Run, Walk, Push and Eat Cake with me


Julia’s story

I’m running a marathon!! I did one a couple of years ago and vowed never ever to run that far ever again!! However, it would appear that I managed to sign up again this year and will be running Brighton Marathon on 14 April. But why?

Well I am running to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK- a charity very close to my heart who have provided invaluable support and advice to my step-dad who is currently undergoing treatment for aggressive prostate cancer. PCUK receive no government funding and yet Prostate Cancer affects thousands of men from all walks of life. Most of us will undoubtedly know someone who is currently diagnosed or has been diagnosed with this disease.

Running is something that I love to do, and fitting in the training for a marathon is hard work. But any inconvenience that I experience is minor compared to the journey that my step-dad and countless others are enduring.

I would love it if you could join me on Friday 8th March for a sponsored run (or walk or push) around Spencer Park, Rushden. I will be running around the park 26 times and have invited classes to join me for blocks of time to keep me company! I know they would love to be joined by mums, dads and carers. Afterwards there will be a Cake Stall in the school hall so that you can replenish your energy.

All money raised either through sponsorship of your child, by purchasing cakes or as a donation to my fundraising bucket will go direct to Prostate Cancer UK and will, I know, be received with much thanks.


Class Time slot
Bananas/Apples 9.30-10.00am
Apricots/Plums 10.00-10.30am
Limes/Peaches 10.30-11.00am
Pineapples/Cherries 11.00-11.30am