Invite to parents and carers to attend first Friday Assembly each month

Dear Parents & Carers,

As you may well be aware, every Friday we have a Celebration Assembly during which we hand out certificates that have been given to children for a wide range of achievements.

We would like to offer an open invitation to all parents and carers to attend these Friday Assemblies and to share in the successes of our wonderful pupils.

All parents and carers are most welcome to attend the Friday Assemblies.

In addition, if your child will be receiving a certificate in the assembly then you will be notified by text the day before the assembly.

Also some of our Parent Governors have kindly offered to also run a drop in tea/coffee session on the first Friday of every month before the assembly.

We will be starting this new assembly arrangement on Friday 1st December.

Please do not park in the bays reserved for school transport.

See letter with Timings for Wellingborough – RGW Friday assembly invite to parents