Super Art Project – Trip to Majorca

Day One

We started our journey on Sunday 02 February. Dawn took us to Stansted airport where we took our flight to Majorca. Our plane landed in Palma, we collected our suitcases and two taxis took us to the villa in Inca. The owners of the villa were very welcoming. They left a big bowl of fruit for us, a basket full of treats and a homemade cake. We had our dinner in the town centre and came straight back for a bath and bed, because we needed to get up very early.

Day Two

On Monday we got up at 6 am, because the school starts at 8 am. First the children played getting-to-know-you games. And first they were a bit shy, because they were the youngest ones, but they became more confident and started talking to other children.
We then had a break, where we tried some pizzas. After that we had drumming and dancing workshop. Everybody enjoyed that, even the adults.
We then had our lunch. It was a three-course meal. We had rice soup, then veal steak and then ice cream. Most of the children enjoyed their soup, they even asked for the second. Will tried some soup as well, although it wasn’t his favourite. Well done!
After lunch we went to the park, where the children had fun. Everybody needed to wait for Natalija, because she had a meeting.
Today we decided to have our dinner in the villa, sitting on the terrace. We have got a fantastic view!

We are going to visit different places tomorrow.

Day Three

Another interesting day. Today we visited different places. We used two big coaches to go to Valldemossa. This was a very beautiful village where we had a quizz to find different places. We were in mixed groups with the children from other countries. We could find the palace and the church. We found out that Chopin, very famous pianist, lived in the monastery and composed some famous pieces of music there. We tried traditional Spanish dessert and some of us spent some money in the shop.
Then on the way to Soller the coaches drove us up some winding roads to the top of the mountains. It was a bit scary.

We saw a lot of lemon and orange trees on the way. On the way up we stopped at Deia to look at some rocks in a shape of a whale.

When we got to Soller, we went to the beach and played games with the children from other countries. We had ice-cream on the way back.

It was lunch time when we came back to Inca. We ate at a local restaurant, where we enjoyed our two-horse meal.

Back at the villa we had plenty of choose time before a small time, bath and bed.

Day Four

It’s Wednesday already. Doesn’t times flies when you are having fun.

We spent our day in Palma today. First we went to the cathedral. It is the biggest cathedral in Europe. There were amazing rainbow lights reflected on the stone pillars from the stained glass windows.

Next we visited the Bellver castle. We climbed up the spiral staircase to the top, where there were amazing views over Palma.

After that we visited Joan Miro art gallery. The children explored unusual paintings and sculptures and used their imagination to interpret them.

Later we were dropped off near the pier. We’ve chosen a restaurant on the beach, where we had our lunch sitting outside in the glorious sunshine under the azure cloudless blue sky.

Then we took our shoes and socks off and walked along the shore line. We collected shells and some sea glass on the way.

We walked into town, looking at old buildings before catching a train back to Inca.
We’ve done 19,716 steps today. Wow!
We are very tired now.

Day 5

We are very tired, because every day we get up at 6 am, have half an hour walk to school and have a very busy day. We are looking forward to our own beds.

Today we had a Drama workshop ‘Savanna’. We acted out being animals, tribal dances, fisherman and praying for rain.

After that we walked to the factory in the town, which took us 40 minutes. In the factory we saw local delicacies being made. You might have a chance to taste these on Monday.😋 We had to wear special white overalls and a hat to cover our hair. It was very noisy with all the machinery working.

Next we were given time to look round the market in the town centre. The Children looked for some souvenirs to buy for their families.

Then we went to see the Mayor. Unfortunately he was so busy with other important business that we didn’t get a chance to see him. Instead we explored the town hall.

We then left Natalija to attend her boring meeting and treated ourselves to a Burger King lunch. After lunch we spent the afternoon at the villa packing our suitcases and having some choose time.

In the evening we needed to take a 30-minute walk back to school, where we joined the other children from other countries for a buffet and party games. It was a nice buffet prepared by families from the hosting school. All the children enjoyed the games.

Tomorrow we will be up at 6 am again. After completing our final Drama workshop, we will be taking a taxi back to the airport to catch the airplane back home, where we are looking forward to seeing our families.
Clair and Maggie are looking forward to Monday.😁