SuperArt through Inclusion

This is a another project which has been funded by Erasmus+.

This Project is aimed at inclusive education and all of the activities have both an educational and a motivational purpose. The main objective is to support inclusion of pupils with special educational needs, those who are socially disadvantaged or from minority backgrounds, or those who need help in integrating into mainstream education and society.  Participants will learn to apply innovative strategies and methods to overcome learning difficulties and social exclusion through Art.

We use arts to create shared experiences for all and to make products pupils can be proud of.

Six schools from Finland, Spain, Great Britain, Slovakia, Portugal and Croatia collaborate in the project. Each school has different good practices in their school curriculum. They will be observed and followed by teachers and transferred after evaluation.

All activities refer to the particular needs of schools, teachers and pupils according to the need analysis which took place at each partner school. All schools will work on integrating the activities in school curriculum and prepare lesson plans, based on the best experience.

There are short term exchange activities for pupils to implement the topics (activities) and all the subtopics of the project and working cooperatively they will create a lot of results such as pictures, posters, masks, music-, dance, rhythm- and drama performances.

Working in groups with pupils from different countries they will improve English language, ICT skills, strengthen tolerance and friendships, become more aware of their talent and individuality which is as valuable as the others´.

Teachers and coordinators of the project will have opportunity to transfer good practices, to discuss and compare different educational systems in order to work more effectively.

Thanks to this project, participants will get to know the benefits of inclusive education, get acquainted with methods, tools and platforms that support and ease the learning process of pupils with special needs, discover the power of peer – education, inclusion of pupils in mainstream education and discuss challenges with participants from EU countries.

In 11th – 15th November, 2019 we had visitors from our partner schools, 2 or 4 adults from each country.

At school we had Arts Week at this time.

The theme was Environmental Art (Art through nature) created by Andy Goldsworthy.

The visitors observed the lessons based on Environmental Art and took part in some activites.

Parents visited the school for Come and Explore with me session.

Some classes organised trips to local parks. Some classes had a trip to the National Gallery in London.