Sounds Around Us

Our project called ‘Sounds Around Us’ combines Science, ICT and Music to challenge our children to plan, design and create a range of open ended projects that foster and develop their creativity and innovation. There are four schools in our partnership. One from the UK, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

The objectives of the project are

– to create feeling of friendship and solidarity with European children during working on the same topics of project
-to develop teamwork among children of each partner country and creating sounds/ music which combine the skills and creativity
-to make children aware of the European cultural diversity introducing partners`countries through games, music etc.
-to help children find out about other countriesĀ“ traditions through mobilities and using ICT
-to improve our students ICT competence using Skype, facebook, emails and homepage in eTwinning
-to motivate pupils to learn, using innovative and creative teaching methods
– to experience the importance and pleasure of learning Science and ICT
-through this project the teachers will get the opportunity to broaden their horizon. The contacts with foreign colleagues could work reflectively. This project will sharpen their motivation and develop skills through sharing good practice of teaching and assessment procedures.
-to enhance a European dimension into school and local community making exhibitions and project-evenings for local community

We have planned five activities for children as well as five training sessions for adults. Each partner school has been given responsibility for organising and taking the lead on one of the activities planned.

The learning activities planned for children are –
– Exploring the links between electricity and sound/ Sound inventions – Science
– Music powered by electricity – exploring music as a form of communication that can change the way of feelings, thinking and acting; exploring and creating sound using new technologies – ICT
– Programming rhythm – ICT
– Composition – write a song about sounds – Music
– Music appreciation – exploring and responding to work of famous composers using electronic instruments – Music

During visits to other countries children and teachers will have opportunities to visit other classrooms, observe teaching strategies and engage in teaching and learning activities regardless of abilities or needs. The visits are also an opportunity to experience and engage with other European cultures.

The project will prepare pupils for their social and professional life, by stimulating their creativity, spontaneity, ICT competencies and language skills by working in a multicultural space. By the end of this project we would like to see a progress in children’s results in Science and Computing.

Parents and carers will have opportunities to be more involved and engaged in their children’s life, especially in disadvantaged areas.

See letter to parents giving them more informationĀ Erasmus – Info to parents