Smart Through Art Project Complete

The ‘Smart Through Art’ International project is now complete and Rowan Gate received a Quality Label from the British Council, who said:

‘Congratulations on being awarded an eTwinning Quality Label for your project Smart through Art. Achieving this award is a public statement of your commitment to quality, high levels of good practice and to European collaboration.

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Judges’ comments for your project were:

“Congratulations on your Quality Label for your project, ‘Smart through art’ a fantastic Comenius project using art as the central tool to explore culture, language and social skills amongst others. The project is extremely inclusive; adapting and catering for different age ranges and special requirements of pupils. This project was clearly very motivating for the pupils who were fully involved in every stage of the project from planning to evaluation. The staff have very successfully integrated the project into the day to day curriculum increasing the interest and engagement of the pupils. This project demonstrates very good use of the Twinspace, which is well organised and structured. Activities have been evaluated throughout and there are many examples of good quality collaborative work including a logo competition, creation of card games, postcards, videos and a teddy bear exchange. It is great to see the opinions of the pupils so highly valued and considered. A great project. Well done!”

The UK National Support Service for eTwinning hopes that this award will be a boost to both your pupils’ work efforts and to your school in general. Schools across Europe who are awarded with the eTwinning Quality Label often share their successes across the school, via their school website and the local media.