Next Event

Family Disco

We are will be planning a Family Disco to be held at the Rushden Site.  Date to be published soon.

Bonus Ball

Friends of Rowan Gate Primary School run a bonus ball fund raising scheme.

How does it work?

Participants pay £1 for a number in the Lotto draw and the winner is the one whose number comes out as the bonus ball on that Saturday’s lotto draw. If there is no a winner, due to nobody having that number, then the winnings will rollover to the next week. We will pay out half of each week’s takings as prize but not less than £10 each week. The other half will go into our funds and be donated to school. If you win you will receive a cheque for the amount won.

How do I join?

Participants pay £10 a number for 10 weeks.

If you would like a join please contact the undersigned at the school.

Thank you

Michelle Fuller.