Lunchtime Clubs

Outline of Lunchtime Activities

Lunchtime clubs are offered to all pupils at Rowan Gate; we aim to provide a wide variety of activities in order to accommodate the wide range of needs of our pupils.

We firmly believe that our pupils should have the right to choose what they would like to do in their lunch break.

Rowan Gate is proud to be a ‘Healthy School’; we encourage all pupils to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through the provision of sports clubs during the lunch break and fun energetic activities on the playground.

We respect the diverse needs and interests of our pupils; a selection of art, craft, ICT and outdoor activities are offered in addition to the more sport focused clubs.

Lunchtime club provision is provided and activities change depending on the season and popularity of activities. Any child who expresses an interest in an activity will be accommodated.

Pupils with Physical and Multiple Learning Difficulties and Severe Learning Difficulties are offered additional activities by class staff; liaison between classes ensures that any pupil with additional needs can access these activities. These activities may be subject to change due to weather, pupil health.

On Thursday all pupils and staff are invited to attend a whole school choir activity.