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Science – Gardening Club

This year we started a Gardening Club instead of having a Science Week as in previous years.

It has been a privilege to invite volunteers from Rushden Allotment Association to help us to set up and run a Gardening Club both in Rushden and in Wellingborough.  As an association, they have supported us by raising money and providing resources as well as providing the expert help of Sue and Sue in Rushden and Alison and Rachel in Wellingborough.  It is thanks to these ladies that every child has experienced being in the garden this term, and we have allotment areas and flower beds around the school which are looking well cared for. Thank you so much for your time and energy.

The Ernest Cook Trust were kind enough to award a grant of £400, which paid for planters for the front of Rushden School, and storage for the allotments at Wellingborough.

The recycling centres at Rushden and Wellingborough also supported us by donating 20 bags of compost.

We also had so many generous donations from parents.   Thank you.

We have been working in partnership with The Green Patch in Kettering, a community allotment group; funding from Anglian Water, as well as donations from parents have enabled every class in the school to visit, to take part in activities and to enjoy the freedom of this beautiful natural place.

Thank you to Nigel and Sue and their team for making this possible.

Some highlights have been hearing about a child who enjoyed picking up all the chickens one by one; a child who was tired from so much walking and went to find a place to rest in the summer house; seeing children enjoying playing in the mud kitchen; a child who decided that it wasn’t enough to put her feet in the paddling pool so she put her whole self in; children trying to find the other cat to stroke and lastly, a whole class who went out together for the first time. That’s before we mention smelling and tasting herbs, planting and making a bag!

In addition to all of this amazing science, we have had visits and lessons from Sam Mallet from Wrenn Academy and visits from Anglian Water.

Thank you to all who have made this project possible.


Support from Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele

Rowan Gate Primary School run several Preschool groups each week for babies and todders up to school age who have additional needs. The Preschool is funded solely by the school and is run by experienced Teaching Assistants.

We recently approached the Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele to see if they could help us purchase some much needed resources to meet the changing needs of the babies and children who attend the groups.  We were really delighted when they agreed to help us.

On the 10 July 2019, we were delighted to be visited by Mr Michael Hill, current President and Mr John Huswait who gave us a fabulous donation of £900 to purchase some much needed toys and equipment.

We would like to express our  appreciation of their support.

See below  – Mr Hill handing over the cheque and some of the resources purchased.




FORG – Thank you so much for your support

Friends of Rowan Gate would like to express their grateful thanks to everyone who helped to raise the fantastic sum of £1071.55 Fridays Summer Fete.

Everyone who donated items, gave prizes,  prepared tickets, set up tables and stalls, mained a stall, came, baked and donated cakes, cooked BBQ foods, served drinks, enjoyed bought and partook in the games

It was a wonderful night and it has raised a wonderful sum for the school.


Winners of Grand prize Draw 21.06.19doc

Kids Out – Tuesday 12 June at Wicksteed Park

On Wednesday 12th June all of the children at Rowan Gate Primary and Rowan Gate East have been invited to go to Wicksteed Park for KIDS OUT which has kindly organised by the Rotary Club of Wellingborough and Rushden Chichele.   The day is free and coaches have been organised to transport the children from school to Wicksteed Park and back to school at the end of the day.

Our grateful thanks to:

Rotary Club of Wellingborough

Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele

Barton Petroleum, Wellingborough

Asda of Rushden (for providing snack)

Friday 07 June – Pyjamarama Mufti

Dear Parents/Carers


On Friday 7th June we are inviting everybody to come to school dressed in their pyjamas and make a voluntary donation of £1 in order to support Pyjamarama and Book Trust.

A Message from BookTrust

 At Book Trust we want every child to experience the warmth, joy and comfort of reading/sharing stories at bedtime. We don’t want a single child to miss out. But many children never experience the joy of a bedtime story. BookTrust is determined to reach them all to give them the very best start.

 There’s nothing better than spending the day in PJs so give BookTrust your full support on Friday 7 June and we’ll make sure no child misses out on the magic pf bedtime stories.  www.Booktrust.org.uk/pyjamarama

Kind regards


Julia Coles

Deputy Head



Summer Fete – Friday 21st June 6 – 7.30 pm

Dear Parents / Carers,

Friend of Rowan Gate will be holding a Summer fete on Friday 21st June 6-7.30 pm at our Wellingborough site and we hope that you will attend and join in the fun.

Fete Poster

On Friday 14th June we will hold a mufti to support our fundraising.  We are asking that for mufti each pupil brings in something for our tombola or something we can use as a raffle prize.

We would be grateful to receive bottles, chocolate and toiletries, party bag toys or sweets, or small prizes for the games.

We will be having a cake stall and would appreciate donations of cakes on the fete day.

Grand prize tickets will be sent home with your child in the near future. If you wish to purchase or sell these, please send in the stubs and money. If you do not wish to have these – there is no obligation – please send them back to school.

It would be really great if you come to support us on Friday 21 – it is a fun night which raises money for the school.

In addition, if parents/carers are able to help run a stall on the night – please get in touch – 01933 304970.

Michelle Fuller

Chair of FORGS.

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