At Rowan Gate we use the Read Write Inc. systematic synthetic phonics programme to teach reading and writing. Within this programme there are clear steps of progression using quality resources. The Speed Sounds Lesson Plans Book provides teachers with a step by step of how to teach each speed sound, blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. The Handbook provides guidance on implementing Read Write Inc. phonics, including initial and on-going assessment.

The programme begins with learning the letter and sounds (covers phases 1 to 3 Letters & Sounds)
introducing all 44 sounds and corresponding graphemes moving on to applying phonics knowledge to reading books and writing.

There is a minimum requirement at Rowan Gate that discrete short sessions take place daily in EYFS and KS1 for sound learning and early blending accompanied by discrete sessions for early readers. This requirement is the same for KS2 with one lesson a week differentiated into three groups, for example:

– Group 1 – sound learning and early blending
– Group 2 – high frequency and tricky words
– Group 3 – early readers

Evidence from the literacy snapshot over the past 3 years (2014 to 2017) and Bsquared results show that children’s progress in reading and writing through the use of Read Write Inc has continued. In addition to Read, Write Inc Kinetic Letters has now been introduced across the school to support the writing program and letter formation.

Children have access to a variety of fiction and non-fiction reading books, organised using reading bands. These reading schemes include Read Write Inc., Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat and Sunshine books.