School Nurses

School Nurses ensure that ‘Every Child Matters’  in relation to the 5 outcomes:

Being healthy, Staying Safe, Making a positive contribution, Economic well-being, Enjoying and achieving.

School Nurses will:

Promote equality and inclusion for Child and Young People with complex needs.

Working in partnership with education and other agencies to reduce inequality and improve outcomes for children and young people.

Perform health assessments and screening.

Train and support identified education staff to enable them to deliver safe, individualised care to Children and Young People.

Provide drop in sessions and telephone support for parents/carers.

Attend transition reviews and annual reviews where a health need has been identified and participate in the transition process.

Participate in Health Reviews with Community Consultant Paediatricians.

Offer continence advice

Plan and implement vaccination programs

Develop and review Health Action Plans

Deliver Health promotion information towards improving health and prevent ill health.

Attend Home Visits

Work in partnership to safeguard children and young people, providing reports, monitoring, attending core groups and conferences.

Deliver a PHSE programme alongside educational staff.

Refer children and young people to relevant services.