Ofsted Rated Governors

Ofsted Inspection  26 March 2019

Governance is very strong.

The Chair of Governors knows the school in detail.

Governors consistently support and challenge leaders. They have a very accurate
knowledge of the school’s strengths. They provide a wide range of skills and experience and have significant specialist knowledge of leadership, finance and special educational needs and/or disabilities. They receive regular detailed reports on school developments, finance, pupils’ achievement and the quality of teaching. They promote the work of the school in the local community and beyond, in Europe, as key participants in the Erasmus project. They have the skills and capacity to provide further outstanding developments for the school.


Ofsted Inspection 05/06 March 2014

We are delighted to announce that Leadership and Governors were rate as Outstanding during our inspection. Inspectors reported:

  • Governors have an accurate picture of the school through careful monitoring of all aspects. They use this effectively to both support and challenge the school.
  • Governors are fully aware that the sports funding is improving the quality of physical education teaching and extending the sports.
  •  Governors have an accurate picture of the school through careful analysis of all information about the school, observations of teaching, scrutiny of pupils’ work and discussions with pupils.
  • They carefully link how well teachers and their pupils succeed to the pay and professional development of all staff.
  • Governors monitor financial aspects of the school effectively and all funding is closely linked to the performance of the pupils, especially in relation to pupil premium and sports funding.
  • The governing body sets challenging targets for both the headteacher and the school as a whole and monitors the school’s progress towards these targets. Like the staff of the school the governing body takes advantage of as much training as possible in order to make sure that it can carry out its roles effectively.