Nurture Group Provision


We currently run 2 Nurture Group classes at Rowan Gate, both are called ‘Limes’ class; one is situated at the Wellingborough site and the other at the Rushden site.

The Nurture Groups are run by our 2 qualified Nurture Group teachers.

Rachel Allen gained her qualification in 2014 and works on the Wellingborough site, Sue Morris qualified in 2004 and works at the Rushden Site. Sue gained ‘Marjorie Boxall Nurture Group Accreditation’ awards, in 2008 and again in 2013. Rachel gained the ‘Marjorie Boxall Nurture Group Accreditation’ award in January 2018.

Sue has just become an SLE with a specialism in supporting pupil’s behaviour and developing Nurture Group provision.

Nurture Groups are small classes designed to better enable a child’s social, emotional and behavioural development through an adapted curriculum. This ensures all key areas of learning are covered in a similar way to all Rowan Gate pupils – English, Maths, Science, PE, RE Computing and the Creative Curriculum, but there is a special emphasis on PSHE guided by the Boxall Profile assessment tool. The school day is designed to enable pupils to revisit stages of development they may have missed or need to revisit through planned play and activities.

There are 6 key principles underpinning the ethos of our Nurture Groups:

  • Children’s development is understood developmentally; numeracy and literacy are included, but structured play activities appropriate to a child’s developmental level are an important part too.
  • The classroom offers a ‘safe base’: the day is clearly structured and adults are reliable, firm and consistent.
  • Nurturing is vital in the development of self-esteem; activities through which we can achieve this include cooking, playing, creative arts and having meals together
  • The development of language and effective communication is vital to a child’s ability to express feelings appropriately.
  • All behaviour is communication: Boxall profiles are completed termly to track patterns in behaviour and better understand what a child is communicating.
  • Communication with parents is essential in moving a child forward. At Rowan Gate we place great value on our ability to reach all parents. Our Nurture Groups are expertly supported by our 2 Family Liaison Teachers.

Children are selected for our Nurture Group according to social, emotional and behavioural need. In such a close-knit special school, the Senior Leadership Team has a detailed knowledge of all pupils, which is supported by the valued input of Class Teachers with regard to individual cases.

It is the role of the Nurture Group teacher to evaluate Boxall Profiles of pupils for whom we think Nurture Group provision is most suitable. This information is then shared at Senior Leadership Team meetings and movement of pupils into and out of the Nurture group is discussed.

It is the role of Class Teachers to liaise with the Nurture Group Teacher and to request a Boxall Profile form to complete.