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Sports Hall Athletics Competition

On Wednesday 24th January children  from Cherries and Grapes joined together to attend a Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Corby Business Academy.

There were 8 teams involved who competed against each other in a circuit of different events to score the most points.  All teams had the same amount of time to score as many points as they could.

All of the children took turns throughout the competition to throw a javelin, target practice, chest press, speed bounce and hurdles.

All schools then competed in a relay race as the final event of the day.

The overall results revealed how close the tournament had been with Northgate School finishing in 1st place, followed by Rowan Gate in 2nd and Friars in 3rd.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the Sports Hall Athletics Competition and had great fun.  They were delighted when they all received a certificate of participation!

Amy Green



Photographer in School

We are delighted to inform you that the school photographer will be visiting school (9am until 2 pm) as below to take photographs of the children.  The cost of the pack varies depending on the size and quantity of photographs you require.

Wednesday 21 February – Wellingborough

Thursday 22 February – Rushden

See letters sent

Letter Wellingborough 21.2.18

Letter Rushden 22.2.18