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Smart through Art – Comenius project

As you are aware, our school is taking part in a 2-year Comenius School Partnerships project called ‘Smart through Art’.

The main goal of our project is to get pupils familiar with cultural heritage of partnership countries – UK, Portugal, Ireland and France.


Most project activities are included in everyday education.

Our first activity was related to Portugal. Most of the classes took part in creating Tile Mosaic. The display is available for everybody to see at the school.

In March 2014 some children and adults visited Ireland, where they introduced their Tile Mosaic Display and participated in St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin.

During summer term, 2014 our children exchanged e-mails with children from France. We created and exchanged postcards as well.

In autumn, 2014 some children and adults went to Nice, France, where they could meet their pen-friends and take part in their school life.


At the moment we are getting ready to host children and adults from Ireland, France and Portugal. They are coming on 16th March and will spend 3 days with us.

All children are taking part in ‘Art Appreciation’ project – exploring famous artists from each country and exploring and responding to their work. Please have a look at our fantastic displays – children’s area – international school.

We are going to meet with the Mayor of Wellingborough and present children’s art work to our guests. Children will take part in Art lessons and Art activities. Some children will go to the University of Northampton to take part in Interactive Art workshops.


As a project co-ordinator, I will keep you updated on the latest news about our project.


Rowan Gate – Primary Panathlon Champions

11th February 2015

A team of 8 from Strawberries and Pears represented Rowan Gate, in a Panathlon competition, at the Corby Business Academy.

A Panathlon is a series of multi-skill based changes, which the children take turns in trying to earn points for their team. A Panathlon comprises:

  • Parachute Popcorn (shaking balls off a parachute and collecting them back as soon as possible).
  • Bean Bag (throw a bean bag at a target made up of numbers).
  • Volleybat (how many times can you hit a table tennis ball, to and from a partner).
  • Flight Path (throw sticky balls onto a large target – the nearest the bullseye, the more the points).
  • Messi Football Skills (dribbling a football around cones and scoring a goal).
  • Table Cricket (hitting a small ball into scoring zones).
  • Boccia Ball Blast (whilst sitting, knock a beach ball out of a hoop, using Boccia balls).
  • New Age Kurling (sliding stones into scoring zones).

After a lunch break all the children took part in some relay races – just for fun.

Besides Rowan Gate, children from Beanfield, Billing Brook, East Hunsbury, Barry Road and Studfall schools, took part in the Panathlon.

After all the scores had been added up, only 3 points separated the top 3 teams.

On the occasion Rowan Gate were crowned champions.


Rowan Gate Win New Age Kurling Competition  

Rowan Gate Crowned County Champions         

26th February 2015

A team of four children from Strawberry’s class competed in Project Ability, New Age Kurling (Sainsbury’s Winter School Games Level 3) competition at the Kettering Leisure Village.

Like the team from Rowan Gate, all the other teams (Nicholas Hawksmoor, Roade and Bracken Lease), qualified for the Winter Games by winning a local competition.

Rowan Gate represented the Wellingborough and East Northants Sports Partnership.

In New Age Kurling the stones are on wheels and if needed the stones can be pushed down a ramp. After that object of the game is the same as Curling – to get a stone to the centre of the target (points are awarded for the nearest).

Each match comprised six ends, with four stones per team, each end.

Rowan Gate won all of their matches and were crowned county champions – a fantastic achievement.