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Northampton Saints Visit Rowan Gate

Brothers Alex and Ethan Waller – both professional rugby players with Northampton Saints – spent the morning of 28 November at Rowan Gate.

The day started with Alex and Ethan showing the children some of the exercises they have to do, before handing out good work certificates at an assembly. Then they paid a visit to every class joined in with the lesson. Pears class were talking about friends, Pineapples class were painting and Peaches class were making calendars. Throughout the morning Alex and Ethan chatted to the teachers, helped the children and answered their questions. The visit ended with them playing football in the playground, then joining in with Pineapples and Grapes classes gymnastics lesson.

We were delighted with their visit.

Thank you Alex and Ethan for visiting us.


Rowan Gate Pair Win at New Age Kurling Competition 3rd December 2014


All the children from Strawberry’s class competed in Project Ability, New Age Kurling (Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2) competition at Southfield School, Kettering.

All the children from all of the schools competing were divided into pairs, to then play against every other pair.

In New Age Kurling the stones are on wheels and if needed the stones can be pushed down a ramp. After that the idea is the same as Curling – to get a stone to the centre of the target (points are awarded for the nearest).

Once all the points had been added up, it was one of the Rowan Gate pairs who came 1st.



Multi Skills Festival – 5th December 2014

A team of 7 from Orange’s class took part in a Multi Skills festival at the Redwell Leisure Centre, Wellingborough.

The festival was organised by the local Sports Partnership and was open to any school to enter.

Multi-skills are a range of non-sport specific, fun, challenging physical activities that are a great way of introducing children to sport. Activities include running, jumping, throwing.

They encourage agility, balance, co-ordination. They develop tactical (how to play) knowledge and decision making skills.

The Multi Skills events included:

  • Grand Prix (running around a track in a team relay).
  • Shuttle Throw (throwing a shuttlecock into scoring zones, whilst sitting).
  • Dice Decide (depending on the number, throwing bean bags into hoops at varying distances).
  • Pass it On (working together to get tennis balls from one hoop to another).

Rowan Gate competed against teams from Our Lady’s Junior School and Ruskin Primary School.

After all the points were added up Rowan Gate finished 3rd.

Congratulations to Ruskin who were overall winners.

All the children received a wrist band and certificate.