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Arts Award Discover

We are really delighted to announce that all members of Grapes Class have obtained their Arts Award Discover.

This is for their fantastic work in the arts at school and with visit artists.

Many congratulations to the children and staff who worked so hard to support the Award.


Football World Cup Festival – 21 July 2014

To celebrate the competition in Brazil, Rowan Gate held its own Football World Cup festival.

Ten teams entered the competition and after a draw, each team was given a country to represent:

Peaches B – England

Lemons / Bananas / Apricots – Italy

Strawberry’s – Germany

Limes – Ukraine

Oranges – Spain

Pears A – Brazil

Pears B – Japan

Plums – U.S.A.

Pineapples – Ireland

Peaches A – France

The teams were divided into two groups and each team played all the other teams in the group. Points were awarded for a win, a draw or a loss.

The competition was played in a fantastic spirit with every player trying their best for the team and helping each other.

Group 1 Result

1st – Peaches B (England), Oranges (Spain)

2nd – Lemons / Bananas / Apricots (Italy), Strawberry’s (Germany)

3rd – Limes (Ukraine)

Group 2 Result

1st – Pears A (Brazil)

2nd – Pineapples (Ireland)

3rd – Pears B (Japan)

4th – Peaches A (France), Plums (U.S.A.)


Sainsbury’s Summer Games

10th July 2014

The Sainsbury’s Summer School Games were held at Moulton College, Northampton.

At the Summer Games teams from across Northamptonshire competed in a variety of sports, having qualified through local events.

Rowan Gate qualified for the Table Cricket finals and was representing Wellingborough and East Northants.

A team of 6 boys and girls from Grapes and Strawberry’s class competed against teams from other districts of Northamptonshire.

Just as it names suggests Table Cricket is a version of cricket that is played on table – usually a Table Tennis table.

Each bowler bowls an over (6 goes) by rolling a small ball down a ramp. The batsman has a miniature bat and they score runs by trying to hit numbered zones, which are set up around the table. The fielding team can slide fielders around to catch the batsman out, by stopping the ball hitting the scoring zones. Runs are taken away if a batsman is caught out. The winning team is the one that has scored the most runs.

Every game in the competition was very close.

After all the results had come in, Rowan Gate, finished second and were awarded with certificates and silver medals.



Sports Day Results

July 2014

The whole school competed in their annual Sports Day during July.

The classes where divided into four groups. The theme for the day was Personal Best.

Whilst working for their team, the children were able to attempt most of the events twice and more points were awarded if they bettered the previous score. There was a mix of team and individual events.


Group 1

1st – Bananas, Lemons

2nd – Apricots

Group 2

1st – Pears

2nd – Cherries

3rd – Pineapples, Plums

 Group 3

1st – Limes, Peaches

2nd – Oranges

 Group 4

1st – Strawberries

2nd – Blackberries

3rd – Grapes


Well done everyone!


Leavers Assemblies

Year 6 Leavers Assemblies will take place tomorrow – Friday 18 July

10.00 am        Pears and Pineapples

11.30 am         Strawberries and Grapes

2.00 pm           Cherries

We would like to wish all Year 6 pupils good luck in their new schools and we hope that they will come back and visit us and let us know how they are getting on.

Best wishes from everyone at Rowan Gate.

5 Keys Assemblies – Monday 14 July 10 am and 2 pm

10 a.m.    Children from KS1, Year 3 and Blackberries class will be awarded with their wrist bands

2 p.m.      Key Stage 2  will be awarded with their wrist bands.

If you child has come home with a certificate advising you of their award – please feel free to attend the assembly.

We look forward to seeing you.

Tile display

Please have a look at our tile display!

All tiles have been decorated by children from Rowan Gate and our partner schools from UK, Ireland, France and Portugal.