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Lions Club Sports Festival

Blenheim Sports Arena, Northampton – 17th June 2014 

The 11 children from Plums class competed in the Lions Club sports festival.

Along with children from Beanfield and Fairfields School they took part in a number of sporting activities.

Before lunch they took part in Hover Discs, Curling, Bowling and Save the Sausage.

After lunch they tried Catch the Mouse, Haul the Anchor, Archery and Pop-up target throwing.

Each activity lasted 15 minutes and throughout the day the teams accumulated points depending on how many targets were hit or knocked over; how long it to them to complete an activity or how accurate they were when throwing.

When all the points were added up, Plums finished in 1st place.   Fantastic!

Everyone was awarded a medal for their efforts and Plums also received a magnificent trophy.

There was also a painting competition. This year all the children from Limes class painted a sporting pictures – football, swimming and running.  Everyone from Limes received a certificate.

Good work everyone.


Table Cricket Competition

Table Cricket – 21st  May 2014

A team of 5 boys and girls from Grapes and Strawberry’s class competed in a Table Cricket competition at the Friars Academy in Wellingborough.  The Rowan Gate team was joined by two boys from Glapthorn Primary School.

Just as its’ names suggests Table Cricket is a version of cricket that is played on table – usually a Table Tennis table.

Each bowler bowls an over (6 goes) by rolling a small ball down a ramp. The batsman has a miniature bat and they score runs by trying to hit numbered zones, which are set up around the table. The fielding team can slide fielders around to catch the batsman out, by stopping the ball hitting the scoring zones. Runs are taken away if a batsman is caught out. The winning team is the one that has scored the most runs.

After time to practice, the competition began with the Rowan Gate team playing Greenfields then Northgate.   Every game in the competition was very close, with the winners of each game only winning by less than 20 runs.

After all the results had come in, Rowan Gate finished 3rd.

Well done everyone.




Sun Safety

As we are heading towards summer, we feel it is essential to make our children aware of sun safety.

Therefore please can you provide your child with a named hat and some sun cream placed in a named plastic bag, these will be kept in school and be applied at playtime.

Sun hats are also available from the school.

Everyone is looking forward to a fantastic summer with the children kept safe from the sun.

Kids Day out on 10 June – organised with the Rotary Club

On Wednesday 10th June the whole school has been invited to go to Wicksteed Park, for KIDS DAY OUT – kindly organised by the Rotary Club, the day is free.  Coaches will transport the children from school to Wicksteed Park and back to school at the end of the day in time for transport.

School will provide packed lunches for children who receive free school meals.  For those children who usually pay for a school lunch, would you please indicate below whether you would like the school to provide a packed lunch for your child or whether you would prefer to send in one from home.

Children should wear their school uniform.  Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear and clothing. We are hoping it will be sunny so they will need sun hats and cream.

Click here for letter to parents, including response form Kids day out 2014